Use IGTV series to grow your audience and sell your products

Over the past few years, Instagram has become the leading social media platform for business marketing. Through Instagram, companies and brands can reach more than a billion active users of the platform. The market is huge and the competition is fierce, so it is easy to reach this wide audience. To help marketers and businesses reach their potential customers, Instagram is constantly launching new tools and updates. One is IGTV or Instagram TV.

What is IGTV and how does it help businesses?

Instagram launched the IGTV feature in 2018, which opened up new opportunities for business growth. Through IGTV, users can create and upload long-lasting videos that were previously not allowed on Instagram. Video length can range from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. It can last up to 60 minutes, but this feature is only available on large or verified accounts.

Improving the visibility of products and services

Businesses through IGTV had more time to create Instagram videos. This gave them more opportunity to generate traffic on their profiles and websites. As a counter product, their product and service visibility has also increased significantly. As the number of online viewers grows over time, using IGTV is a good way to increase the effectiveness and productivity of your marketing strategy.

The Source of Education and Entertainment for Visitors

Researchers believe that the most popular video content is tutorials and illustrations. Obviously, both tutorials and illustrations cannot be shown in a minute. The IGTV announcement removed this barrier. It allowed marketers to educate their potential customers in detail about their products and services. Therefore, by creating attractive IGTV videos, marketers can simultaneously educate and entertain the audience. Surely this is the best way to market your products and services online.

Creates opportunities for high performance

Video marketing has emerged as one of the most marketable marketing tools over the years. Businesses using IGTV can reap the benefits of video marketing and the broader user base of Instagram. It is a wonderful way to grow organically. The higher the level of bonding, the higher the probability of obtaining conversions.

What is the IGTV Series?

Recently, Instagram upgraded IGTV by launching a series of IGTV. The announcement sparked excitement among brands that could not wait to explore the potential here again. The IGTV series is similar to the playlist functionality on YouTube. It allows designers to group similar content. Users can view both series IGTV app and your Instagram profile. Why you should use an IGTV series this feature encourages your audience to watch similar videos. This improves your engagement with other video content. More and more growth on Instagram seems to be linked to more and more growth. In short, the IGTV series helps you capture viewers’ interest, followers and drive traffic to your profile, and increase your visibility on the social media platform. In addition, grouping relevant content in the form of a series makes your profile look very organized and formal.

How to create an IGTV series?

If you are thinking of starting your own IGTV series, here are some steps you can take to help:

Design the content

Designing video content for IGTV series is different than creating a normal one. To make videos for the series, you must first think about the overall concept and theme of your IGTV series. Since each series contains the same content, you have to design your videos so that you can create different videos under the same theme. Another factor to consider when preparing content for an IGTV series is that even if the videos have a recurring theme, viewers should keep in touch with them. Here, you need to research what your audience wants to see and how to frame such content in an episodic format. You need to consider budget, resources, schedule, video length and other details.

Prepare a story and make a copy

While setting up your IGTV series, it is best to plan the basic content of all the videos you will include in a specific series. Create a story for this. Identify exactly what the stream of videos is and how you plan to achieve it. You need to consider camera angles, lighting, people involved, and so on.

To save time and increase the quality of your videos, script all the videos. Editing headers and subtitles is also recommended to increase reach.

Shoot the series

Once all the basics are done, the fun part begins. Shoot the series according to your budget. You do not always need high quality cameras, equipment and video captors to create compelling videos. If the content of your videos is unique and entertaining, viewers will be attracted to you and support you.

Upload the video

Uploading an IGTV series is very easy and quick. Once your video content is ready, upload it to the IGTV app. When you do, you will be asked to select or upload a cover image for the video. Once this is done, go to the next screen, where you can see the header writing, adding location, tagging people, sharing on other social media sites, and more. Among these options, you will find a title called “IGTV series”. Below that, select “Add to Series”. When you click on this option, you have the option to add a video to an existing series or create a new one. If you are creating a new series, you must give it a title and a brief description. It is advisable to keep the title and description as short as possible. Now that you have created an IGTV series, you can upload the same video regularly.

How to use IGTV series for business growth?

There are a number of ways you can grow your business using the IGTV Series. Let’s look at some of them.

Collaborate with influencers

One of the most popular ways to grow on Instagram is to collaborate with cyber influencers. You can think of creative ways to create IGTV series content with influencers. For example, if your company deals with clothing, you can send it to your product influencers and celebrities and make a 5-10 minute video informing their followers about the product. 

Create tutorial videos

Tutorial videos are the most watched videos all over the internet. They work well with marketing products and services. Different brands that deal with cosmetics create tutorial videos to increase their audience. Companies that sell technological or unique products also create tutorial videos to educate their audiences about the correct way to use their products. In the service sector, fitness videos are examples, such as Scots or the correct way to lunge.

Create behind-the-scenes videos

People like to see what’s behind making a product or providing a service. For example, if you are a fast food company, you can create a series of videos that show the process of making a single burger or pizza.

5Tips for creating an exciting IGTV series

To create a highly effective IGTV series, consider the following:

Maintain a consistent or similar aesthetic to all the videos in your series. This makes the audience attractive and engaging.

  • Promote your IGTV series not only on Instagram but also on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This is needed to gain more ideas and followers.
  • Create SEO rich video content. When it comes to digital marketing, SEO is a top priority. Use the right words and relevant hashtags to help people find your content.
  • Regularly measure your IGTV performance using Instagram Insight. Instagram Insights is a free tool that provides performance metrics for your content on Instagram. Some metrics are ideas, savings, tastes, ideas, and so on.
  • Viewer attention spacing is short. As a result, to hold them to the end, you need to capture the first 10 seconds of your videos with great interest and attention. It is best to explain clearly what the video is and what you are doing during this time.
  • Choose your cover image carefully; this is the first thing your audience will see. This should be attractive again.

Properly stimulated, the IGTV series can bring many benefits to your business. Make the most of this feature using the tricks mentioned above!