Using The Hotel Management System, You Can Secure Your Hotel.

Accommodation, food and beverages, travel, transportation, theme parks, historical sites, and all relevant events are all part of the hospitality industry. With a manual visitor management system, managing such a large number is extremely difficult. As a result, industry owners are desperate for a digital and foolproof solution to help them manage their clients and promote their business.

A visitor management system can be used in the hospitality industry to manage the use of their facilities by visitors. The system records all visitor information and provides relevant documentation such as visitor badges, special permits on request, and so on.

Visitor Management System for Hotel

Every day, hotel authorities must welcome, accommodate, and serve a large number of guests and visitors. It can be extremely difficult to keep track of everything and everyone without proper identification and log keeping. They must register both guests and visitors using their demographic information, identification, and travel documents in accordance with local law and safety precautions.  The paper-based system of visitor management system is time-consuming and not secure. In many cases, the visitor provided false information and was involved in criminal activity.

Using the visitor management system, hotel staff can record guest and visitor information for future reference, keep track of appointments, send notifications to guests, and identify unwanted visitors by cross-referencing with previous records. To ensure greater accuracy, an identification system can be integrated with any web-based hotel check-in app.

Important Features of a Visitor Management System

Hotel Guest & Visitor Registration: 

  • Collect and save demographic information about hotel guests and visitors.
  • Scan and save identification documents.
  • Check the documents’ expiration dates
  • Verify the visitor’s mobile phone number
  • Take and save a photograph of the visitor.
  • Capture and save biometric information
  • Scan the visitor’s business card and signature

Recognize Frequent Visitors and Guests:

  • Identification of guests using any unique identification number
  • Identification of visitors using a verified mobile phone number
  • Biometric data is used to identify visitors.
  • Previous data retrieval takes the shortest amount of time to process.
  • Any information can be updated.

Online Registration:

  • Allows for online registration prior to arrival.
  • A digital badge allows for a faster check-in process.
  • Enrollment in biometrics during check-in

Managing External Visitors: 

  • Guests are free to schedule any meeting they want.
  • Sending a digital badge to the guest’s visitors
  • Check-in/check-out process for guests’ visitors that is automated

Visitor Blacklisting

  •  A single visitor or all visitors to a company can be blacklisted.
  • Any of their previous data could be used to identify blacklisted visitors.
  • The system will not allow blacklisted visitors to generate a check-in process.
  • Any request from a blacklisted visitor generates an alert.

Using a Hotel check-in software for the hotel will increase the hotel’s productivity and efficiency. With hotel check-in app, you can improve front-desk security and make your hotel smarter.