Wait till after the summer before booking those flight tickets!

COVID-19 restrictions are slowly and cautiously lifting, and air travel will return to normal. Of course, after the pandemic scuttled your vacation plans, you could not resist the urge to fly and make up for those pleasure trips, reunions with families or friends, and lost holidays.

Hold on to your flight ticket booking! Wait until the summer is over. Pent-up demand for air travel has led to an unprecedented increase in the price of air tickets for both international and domestic travel. This situation will change, and airfares will return to normal soon.

With several countries removing restrictions at the same time, people are in a rush looking for flights. The impulsive booking of flight tickets in summer is termed ‘revenge travel’ by the travel industry. The prices of flight tickets surge over 30 percent higher than they were during the pre-pandemic period. This trend is seen across geographies, with some searches showing the airfares are really expensive by 5 times the normal cost (before the pandemic). 

Now that several travel restrictions are eased, the higher ticket prices don’t seem to dissuade people from traveling, for they have craved travel and dreamt about it in the last two years. Nevertheless, airfares will become cheaper than they are now.        

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Reasons Why Airfare will be Cheaper After Summer

It is viewed that the rise in air ticket prices is just a short-term phenomenon. The airfares will become competitive again as:   

  • Demand Is Limited by Inflation, Which Leads to Lower Airfares

When inflation is making headlines recently, which is pointing to an approximately 8 percent figure from the CPI or Consumer Price Index. According to the Bureau of Labor, statistics inflation rose by 9.1 percent in the US in June. It increased consumer prices at a faster rate except for airfares, which were one of the few consumer spending categories that showed a drop in prices. In short, the air ticket prices were 1.8 percent cheaper in June than in May.

Post-COVID, the aviation industry has been through chaotic months due to airport bottlenecks and lack of staff, and it is finally rebalancing. Unlike the air travel sector, the other sectors, including energy, food, and rental, showed an increase in prices from 0.8 percent to 7.5 percent in June.

You should note that airfares generally drop once the season ends, which is summer from June to September. The flight tickets are expensive during this period, for many families find their children home for holidays and plan a vacation. The increase in the number of flight ticket bookings increases the demand for tickets on some routes. It may prompt the airlines to limit the sale of fight tickets on the busiest routes by substantially increasing the fares.

The last quarter of the year sees students going back to their schools and colleges after the holidays. It reduces the number of travelers taking flights in October and November months. Most airlines foresee a decrease in revenue and reduce airfares, making flight travel affordable to you. 

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  • Flights in July Are Already Less Expensive Than May

Some findings showed that the cost of round-trip flights in July was lower when compared to the one in May. For instance, round-trip travel in the US cost $375 less than it was in May, which was $413. When compared to the price in 2019, there is an increase of 13 percent in the airfares in July 2020, but they are still lower than that in May 2020.

Generally, inflation reduces the purchasing power of people. Once the airfares in summer have reached their peak, they will start reducing, with flight ticket bookings going down in June. This will prompt the airlines to adopt a month-on-month pricing strategy, reducing the airfares in the fourth quarter when there is not much air traffic. It makes air travel cheaper and more affordable in fall and winter.   

Why Is Traveling Off-Season a Better Choice?

If you want to save money on air tickets, book them during the off-season. For instance, flying to Europe may cost you less than to the US. The national inflation rates are increasing in Europe, making air travel and other related products cheaper.  

Other reasons to consider

If you are flexible in your travel plans, you can opt for traveling after summer for:

  • the weather is not hot, but cool and pleasant
  • accommodation is cheaper during the off-season
  • airports are not crowded, and 
  • food and sightseeing to cultural venues are cheaper

Get the assistance of a travel website for affordable flight ticket booking after summer.