Ways to Stay Safe While Seeing Your Doctor Amid COVID-19

The world is going through a serious pandemic and the death toll is increasing day by day. India is one of the epicenters of the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdowns are imposed in most of the cities in the country.

Amidst all this, you might still have to book a doctor’s appointment to get your health concerns addressed. At times when the country is reeling under lockdown, it might not be wise to step out to consult a doctor, but still, when there’s a dire necessity, you can’t avoid it.

Continue reading to get an insight into a few ways in which you can consult your doctor without even stepping out of your home and also get to know a few ways to stay safe while seeing your doctor amid COVID-19.

Assess the Necessity of the Situation

Amidst this pandemic where everyone is urged to stay at home for safety, visiting your doctor when it not really necessary can be a risk to your as well as your loved ones’ lives. As the number of positive cases are rising every day in India, most of the hospitals have hauled on routine check-ups and are focusing only on COVID-19 treatment.

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If the health problem you are suffering from is not too serious, then it is better to stay at home rather than visiting a crowded hospital and risking chances of getting infected. But ignoring your health for long can also be harmful, so if really necessary, you must go for a physical check-up with your doctor but only by following proper safety protocols.

Opt for Online Consultation

If you are having a health problem that can be fixed through a consultation over a phone call or video call, then avoid going out. There are a lot of doctors who have started to consult patients online after the pandemic broke out.

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In fact, this has become the new norm. All you need is a good internet connection, a camera, and an earphone.

This way, you don’t have to risk your life by going outside; at the same time, you can be diagnosed too. It’s easy to book a doctor’s appointment online and get done with the consultation. The doctor will prescribe medicines and send you a soft copy of the prescription. You can order these medicines online and get started with your treatment.

Visit the Hospital Safely

If it is absolutely necessary to visit the hospital, then make sure you take all the safety measures. Call ahead and make an appointment so that you don’t have to wait there for long and increase your chances of contracting the virus.

Call the hospital and ask about the measures they are taking for sanitization and safety. Make sure you don’t go to the hospital with more than one person.

Safety Measures

Wear double masks, face shield and hand gloves for added protection. Carry a sanitizer with you. While you are at the hospital, avoid using lifts or restrooms. Don’t touch any surface or things. Maintain a distance of 6-feet from others to ensure social distancing.

Once you are back home, ensure to have a hot shower, wash your clothes and sanitize all the things you carried along. These are some steps to take to ensure safety when visiting the hospital.

Limit Contact in Pharmacy

If your diagnosis requires you to get some new medicine, then there are some precautions that you need to take. If you can order medicines online, then you can do so. If not, plan to buy medicines when you visit the hospital to avoid going out twice.

When waiting in a queue at the pharmacy, ensure to maintain a distance from others. Try to make all payments through digital wallets instead of paying in cash or using cards. This can help in avoiding physical touch or the exchange of money.

Following the above-listed tips can help you stay safe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The whole world is going through tough times now and India is one of the worst affected countries.

It’s important during these times to stay as safe as possible to keep the viral infection at bay. Prevention is better than contracting the disease. So, take all the precautions and stay safe.