What are the Differences between IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training?

IELTS is a popular English language test for study, work, or migration on an international level. The IELTS assesses candidates’ English proficiency on four skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Candidates can connect to any IELTS coaching in Gujarat, which can guide students and help candidates to take an online test preparation course, and more. Below we have mentioned some differences between IELTS Academic or IELTS general training.

What is the IELTS Academic?

This exam is aimed at those who plan to continue their education (university, college, etc.) or those who wish to pursue work or training in a professional field such as medicine or engineering. As the name suggests, this version assesses a candidate’s preparation for studying or academic training in English.

What is the IELTS General training?

This is for those who are studying, working, or training in an English-speaking country, or if they are planning to move to an English-speaking country such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom. Candidates taking the IELTS General Education Exam will take a test for the use of everyday language with content and questions focused on the workplace and social situation.

Similarities between these two trainings

The time and structure of both tests are the same (evaluation on the basis of four parts speaking, reading, writing, and listening for a total time of two hours and 45 minutes). In both cases, students must take the IELTS writing, reading, and listening tests on the same day, while the speaking presentation can be done before or after seven days.

The registration procedure (online or paper form submission) is the same for general academic and training tests, and most test centers will offer one version or the other. The speaking part is quite difficult in both trainings, candidates can register themselves in spoken English classes in Gujarat for building confidence in the speaking part of the evaluation.

The reading test in both academic vs general

Candidates will have 60 minutes to complete the reading test.

There will be 40 questions in different formats, from MCQs to True / False questions, including short questions.

  • IELTS Academic`s Reading Test: Candidates will receive three long academic works with increasing difficulty. It can be any academic subject, from science to history, but a glossary is provided for any terms candidates might not be familiar with.
  • IELTS General Training Reading Test: While the IELTS Academic is aimed at pre-university students, the IELTS General Training tests your level of English in a social setting.

Study abroad consultants can help candidates on the question of how to clear the reading test of IELTS.

Writing test in Academic vs General

In this candidates need to answer an essay question in at least 250 words. If candidates want to do more writing practice they can do their IELTS study in Gujarat for better results and our organisation also has a facility to provide candidates Canada study and work visas in Gujarat.

IELTS Academic

Writing Test You will get one or more of the following:

  • bar graphs,
  • line graphs,
  • tables, graphs and
  • even the structure of a machine.

Candidates are not required to use all of the information provided, as the purpose of this section is to demonstrate the ability to test and describe the data.

IELTS General Training

From the structure of a letter to the way information is presented, there are specific conventions. Here are three types of letters candidates may be asked to write:

  •  Informal
  •  Semi-formal
  •  Formal (to a manager)

Speaking test

Speaking tests for both will be held on a different day than other tests. So candidates will have proper time to prepare themselves. And it will be similar for both training sessions.

 There are four parts that will total about 13 minutes:

 1. Introduction and interview

 2. Long tour: discussion on a specific topic

 3. Discussion: in-depth discussion of topic issues.

Listening test

The test consists of four parts of 10 questions. Here are four recordings you can expect:

 1. Conversation between two persons,

 2. A discussion about education or training create up to 4 participants

 3. A discussion in an academic context


Now after the above discussion, you can differentiate between these two exams. We would suggest that before making any choice, spend a proper amount of time researching and understanding what and which kind of exam you need to clear for your goals related to the profession. In Gujarat, our classes are one of the best IELTS classes for teaching students to clear this examination.