What is a Holographic Sticker and Its Uses

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A holographic sticker refers to a flat adhesive material that provides the enhanced hologram of having a 3D image. These stickers are extensively used for security purposes. A holographic sticker printing is a complex process that is repeated by employing the first master holographic. A hologram is created on a glass plate treated with iron oxide before being enveloped with a photoresist. At this point, the material makes a chemical response that’s employed to create the holographic. Today, you can get custom holographic stickers to choose the size, shape, and quantity. Such stickers begin from $129.00 for a hundred stickers. Keep reading to know more about this type of sticker. 

Why Is a Holographic Sticker Used?

These stickers have an array of employment. You can find them commonly used for security purposes. Apart from that, they also sometimes have an eye-getting highlight that quickly loans apparent incentive to a product. These stickers are also employed on legitimate documents so that people can speedily validate them. It’s just like an enrollment card and any similar items that need security from forging. 

Businesses use the stickers to impart a complete touch to finish bundling, just like enhancing an organisation’s picture and adding another component for rack claim.

What Is a Security Hologram and How a Security Holographic Sticker Is Made?

Many official documents like certificates and diplomas contain a security holographic sticker. Since it’s not easy to counterfeit them, these stickers provide brands with a degree of original product protection. You can also find these stickers on many packaging and products. 

The makers of such stickers create them by employing a metalised film. It’s a transparent plastic layer with a thin metal layer applied to it. They run this material through embossing rollers to add a specific design. The embossing shows the design when the light comes into contact with the surface, and light diffraction occurs. A security hologram sticker does its job effectively. But you need to contact a reliable store to get a custom one for yourself. It’s because embossing rollers are made with your preferred design engraved onto them. It’s not a quick or a cheap process. Instead, it’s economically feasible only for considerable quantities of stickers. 

Why Businesses Utilise Holographic Stickers?

The stickers prove to be eye-catching additions to any packaging. Businesses typically use these stickers for security, launch, product labelling, packaging, and brand authentication. Consumers perceive the products that are protected by holograms as something precious. It leads them to believe that the manufacturer cares about the quality of items they sell. 

Not only this, it is the most cost-effective way that facilitates brand promotion. Businesses can also customise the stickers as per their unique needs. The stickers thus reflect the brand’s personality and values. Custom imprinted stickers of this kind can also have a logo, text, and serial numbers. Collared, silver, and clear pic stickers are evident. Some of the significant features of these stickers include:

  • Self-adhesion
  • Great protection against duplicity.
  • Tamper-proof
  • Multiple colour combinations
  • Eye-catching design
  • Resolution of the imprint as per the outlined security demand.

You can order holographic stickers from a reliable store online that offers up to two free revisions on your order. There are no hidden fees, and you get what you pay for. You can also gain inspiration from the massive artwork gallery on the store’s website. Thus, you can find a style that resonates with your preferences or brand.