What Is Chunking in English and Why Does it Matter?

Chunking usually refers to when a person breaks down while writing a quite difficult text into a very simple and readable form. This is often taught in basic spoken English courses. Here, you can use this idea of dividing these kinds of challenging texts of any length into small pieces known as chunks. This usually helps the students identify the keywords and the ideas that the sentence wants to convey to its readers. This thereby develops an ability to paraphrase in you and makes you capable of organizing and synthesizing a sentence very easily. Here you can learn this from any of the best English-speaking courses online available nowadays.

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Steps involved in this process

The process of chunking can be used on any type of challenging text regardless of its length. Here a paragraph can be divided into small pieces or chunked into small phrases and sentences. A large number of pages can also be chunked into sections. This process is thereby very helpful for the students and the writers to record information about each of the “chunks” present in the text.

Methods to follow in this process.

Before working on a text, you should always go through some decoding strategies that would be helpful here. Now here, you should also keep the following things in mind before working on a paragraph.

  • In the first step, you should encircle the unfamiliar words
  • In the next step, use the context clues to help them know the meaning of these paragraphs.
  • Now, after that, look up the meaning of the words that are unknown to them.
  • After it, write the synonyms for these new words in the text.
  • After that, you can underline the important places as well as the people and identify them.
  • After the whole text is rewritten, a person has to read it aloud to know if it creates any meaning.
  • Last but not least, read the text multiple times to learn English for career success.

Steps to use it to access a students’ understanding

The paraphrased sentence or a text can be used to know a students’ understanding as well as his/her reading capability. A parent or a teacher can also give their students an exercise to compare their versions with the original text. It is also known as English for the workplace. This process will help a class get into interesting discussions about the interpretation of a sentence. Here, they will also know how people can often find different meanings in the same words or sentences.

Another type of chunking is known as Jigsaw Chunking. Here in this process, you can simply divide the large text into small sections and have small groups work on summarizing a paragraph or two each. Here groups can be formed who will share the meaning of their section of a sentence with the rest of the class by using the Jigsaw strategy or having small-group presentations. This will be a very interesting exercise for the students, and they can know how different groups of people perceive different meanings from the same sentence.


Now, here chunking the text simply means the breaking down of a text into smaller parts. In an exercise, sometimes many spoken English classes online simply chunk the sentence or a paragraph in advance to make their students learn this process. After that, the students are told to chunk their sentences. After learning the steps to do this, a person can now work on chunking the texts with their study partners or their own.