What Is Corporate Catering? A-Z Highlights of The Corporate Catering

If you are a company admin or human resources manager, you know how difficult ordering meals for a corporate event can sometimes be. You need to do your due diligence in selecting a great caterer to deliver high-quality and good meals. This can be very challenging for an administrator with other administrative issues, especially if you don’t know where to start. Knowing what corporate catering is and what to expect can make your job easier when you need the service. This article highlights the A-Z of corporate catering.

What is Corporate Catering?

Before we consider what corporate catering means, we first ask ourselves what it is. Corporate catering is the provision of food to the employees of a particular organization or company. After a call from the administrator, the caterer comes to the company premises to pick up the orders of each employee. Afterward, they leave with the food and come back or even visit their restaurant in the form of a food truck or an actual building. Depending on the agreement between the two parties, this can be a one-off or daily catering. Depending on how and in what form the caterer delivers and serves the food, we come to the next point of our discussion.

Types of Corporate Catering

  • Food Trucks

A particular company can have unlimited space on its premises so that some catering services such as buffets are not possible there. As the administration also wants to reduce inconvenience and save time, the caterer can use food trucks to bring the food near the company without entering the premises. From here, employees can pick up their order and have it nearby.

  • Buffet Style

In this type of catering service, the caterer carries different kinds of food in large metal pots. The pots are arranged in a row, with a serving spoon in each of the pots. Employees then come with a plate and serve themselves the dish they want. Pots are typically heated from below to keep the food always at war during events or service time.

  • Popup Restaurant

With this type of catering service, the caterer comes to a company premises to pick up individual orders and then returns with the food. As soon as the food arrives on site, the employees decide where the food is eaten. Since the employees like to eat the food together in most cases, a restaurant-like get-together is created, hence the name popup restaurant.

How Corporate Catering Can Advantage Your Company

Corporate catering has many advantages for a company and its employees. Among the most fascinating advantages associated with corporate catering are:

  • Saving Time

Corporate catering saves so much time that employees can concentrate on other important matters of the company. If food is brought to or near the company premises, employees do not have to leave the office. Eliminating the risk of employees getting stuck in traffic on their way back from lunch. Time is not the only thing that saves the company’s catering, but also costs. Large-scale food shopping is possible at a discounted market price, which would not have been possible if the company had given each employee lunch money.

  • Improved Productivity of Employees

Food sharing offers people the opportunity to inform themselves and exchange ideas. Furthermore, what could trigger more energy in an employee than a plate of food? Research shows that a company that supplies its employees with food has higher productivity than a company that does not offer food at all.

How to Order Corporate Catering

The most important and final point in our discussion is ordering corporate catering. It’s very simple: you just go online and look for corporate catering companies in my area and you have a whole range of options.

When you choose a corporate caterer, you must choose only the best in town. A large caterer with a good portfolio not only provides good meals but also helps maintain a good professional image. A professional corporate image bodes well for your customers and at the same time keeps your employees happy.