What is the difference between PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Agile?

What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is a project management framework and credentialing programme. Splitting projects into manageable stages is a key component of PRINCE2. Many nations throughout the world, notably the United Kingdom, Western Europe, and Australia, use it.

Projects may be divided into manageable stages using PRINCE2’s scalable method, which allows organisations to regulate their projects. Using standard terminology, synchronising procedures, and giving templates and structure all contribute to a company’s ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. There are seven principles, seven themes, seven procedures, and the entire project environment in PRINCE2. ‘ Projects thrive in an environment that includes these elements.

In what ways is PRINCE2 Agile® different from traditional PRINCE2?

More like a collection of principles for adapting PRINCE2® to an Agile context, PRINCE2 Agile is PRINCE2® users who also want to take advantage of Agile’s many advantages might profit from this bundle. Because it incorporates PRINCE2® governance and project management aspects with an Agile flavour rather than being a new project management technique, it may be considered a ‘bolt-on.’

The best of both worlds in project management, PRINCE2 Agile® is a strong combination. PRINCE2® and AgilePM are shown to operate effectively together in this case. Agile PM’s reactivity and adaptability are combined with the well-defined PRINCE2® framework for project management oversight, innovation and collaboration.

Why use PRINCE2 Agile®?

PRINCE2 Agile® allows you to focus on both the management and delivery of a project since it works well with any proven Agile strategy. Since a result, it is business-friendly, as it enables you to scale projects to meet your specific requirements while still ensuring on-time and consistent delivery.

Stakeholders are more confident in PRINCE2 Agile® because it provides extra tools for managing and responding to change. Aside from the management and governance of the project, PRINCE2 Agile® offers practitioners with agility and speed in an ever-changing business context.

What has been added and what has been taken away from PRINCE2 Agile?

There is no answer. Still adhere to PRINCE2’s underlying tenets. The PRINCE2 Agile project management method combines a globally accepted project management approach with the flexibility of agile development. It combines the rigour of project management with the flexibility of Agile delivery. As a result, a flexible central spine for project management is created.

In an Agile sense, PRINCE2 Agile is agnostic to framework. As an appreciation of agility, it is not aligned with any particular Agile framework by Sprintzeal. A project’s success is just as much a matter of ‘being Agile’ as ‘performing Agile.’ Five Agile behaviours have been added to the structured environment produced by PRINCE2 principles, themes, and procedures. Organizations will be able to pivot and adapt while maintaining quality and reducing risk.

How PRINCE2® and PRINCE2 Agile® differ

Project management certifications like PRINCE2® have been a huge success. As a result, it has been deemed the most frequently used project management approach in the world. There are several similarities and differences between PRINCE2 and the newer PRINCE2 Agile®.

The first version of PRINCE2 Certification was created as an IT project management guideline for the United Kingdom government. After being renamed PRINCE2 in 1996, it underwent a major transformation. Aside from IT projects in the public sector, PRINCE2 is now a universal project management style that can be used by both public and private organisations. One million people have taken PRINCE2 examinations by December 2012, making it the most popular exam in its field.

PRINCE2’s exponential development as a global standard didn’t end there, according to any project management job listings. As of this writing, it is accessible in nine languages.

Agile vs. Prince2 Differences

  • Let’s have a look at some of the significant differences between Agile and Prince2 in the industry.
  • Prince2 vs. Agile are both project management methodologies that focus on providing an effective product that can deliver the most value.
  • While Prince2 is good for customers, Agile methodologies are useful for suppliers to provide functioning software.
  • Prince2 is best suited for higher-level management positions. On the other hand, agile emphasises the usage of more basic terminology.
  • In contrast to Prince2, Agile is a more flexible method for creating flawless software.
  • As an example, “Should this project be done?” is a common theme in Prince2. and ‘Is the risk worth the reward?’ ‘What are we going to deliver in the next week?’ is the emphasis of Agile. as well as “When is it time to wrap up?”