Which Screen Protector Should You Buy?

A screen protector is an inevitable hardware add-on to keep the allure and magical gleam of the smartphone alive. A scratch-free display is only possible when you have a top-tier screen protector put on your iPhone’s screen.

With the boom in prices of smartphones, everyone longs to keep their favourite device intact from any possible damage. Even a single scratch on the screen may turn out to be a huge decrease in the resale value.

There are different types and materials of screen protectors. For you, it can be, sometimes, challenging to pick up the best one. But you don’t have to panic. We’ll walk you through the detailed discussion of screen protectors so that you don’t have to break a sweat.

TPU Screen Protector

Thermoplastic polyurethane abbreviated as TPU is a type of screen protector that also protects the screen of your smartphone. The material used for manufacturing ensures strength and durability.

It shows maximum flexibility as compared to the other contemporary screen protectors. That’s why these are the perfect match for curved screens and fit properly on the screen saving them from damages and falls. But these protectors can’t prove themselves useful in case of bigger scratches.

TPU screen protectors are best for scratches resulted from keys and coins in your pocket. The minor scratches are well protected by the TPU screen protectors and prevent the screen from losing its allure and charm.

Moreover, the TPU screen protectors are a blessing for the mobiles which have in-screen fingerprint technology. As they provide the ultimate touch responsiveness being the extra-thin.

The demand for TPU is increasing because in-screen technology is becoming more and more popular nowadays. When you apply on a screen provides the best touch response and protection that you need for your smartphones.

These are available in almost every market at lower prices as compared to the other types of tempered glass and PET screen protectors.

PET Screen Protectors

Polyethene terephthalate material is a high-quality material. We use this material for the protection of screens against scratches and smudges. The PET screen protectors do their tricks better than the TPU screen protectors.

The flexibility of the PET screen protectors is lesser than the former ones. The reason behind the low flexibility is the material which we use in their manufacturing. The material provides extra strength and sturdiness to the screen protector.

For a curved screen, you have to buy a curved PET screen protector that can easily fit your screen and can protect it from damages. Otherwise, you will end up with a part of the screen exposed for scratches and smudges.

The PET screen protector protects against scratches and marks keeping the screen intact and clean. The scratches resulted from coins and keys are not a big deal for this screen protector.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

In recent times the tempered glass screen protectors are the most protective and scratch-resistant ones. The manufacturing process infers their durability and sturdiness. The tempered glass screen protector is the one that ensures complete protection against scratches and other damages.

A tempered glass screen protector is a multi-layered glass that also includes silicon that is useful to absorb shocks and impacts resulted in the sudden and immediate falls and drops.

The layers combined in one protector make a strong glass jacket to protect against the damages. The tempered glass screen protector is perfect for a screen that is not curved.

Comprehensive protection to your smartphone is possible with the help of this tempered glass screen protector. All the edges and corners are covered completely to save them from scratches and other possible damages.

  • Diamond hardness.
  • Compression resistance
  •  Scratch-proof
  • Easy to install
  • Ultra-thin
  • 0.33mm film
  • 2.4 curved edges
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • Perfect responsive touch.
  • Super Adhesion
  • Not easy to fall off.
  • Oil resistant

9H hardness is enough to preserve your phone’s allure and to maintain its resale value. Install a tempered glass screen protector carefully without any air bubbles under it. When the glass completely adheres to the screen the protection level of the screen doubles. This extra protective layer saves the display from blurriness.

All the impacts coming to the screen are endured by the screen protector keeping the screen intact. there is no effect on the touch responsiveness but you will experience a crystal clear and scratch-free display.

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