Which Weight Loss Surgery is Best For You? Bariatric Surgeries

Are Bariatric and Weight loss Surgeries the Same?

Weight loss surgeries are also referred to as bariatric surgeries in medical terminologies, making changes in your digestive system that assist you in losing weight. You can get professional weightloss surgery at doctor Ginish Juneja Laparoscopic Surgeon in Dubai

Kinds of Bariatric Surgeries

There are several different kinds of bariatric surgeries. Such surgeries are usually done under anesthetic, but each surgery works differently. The main types of weight loss surgeries are gastric band, Primary obesity surgery, endoluminal, Biliopancreatic diversion, gastric bypass, and Intra-gastric balloon, and Sleeve gastrectomy.

Assessments before Weight loss Surgeries

Before you get bariatric surgery, make sure to visit an expert hospital to check if your body is suitable for such operations or not. Take extra care of your diet and get a calorie-managed diet plan for yourself before the surgery—workout daily. Ensure body fitness through scans, x-rays, etc.; you should be mentally fit; ask yourself if you’re ready to deal with the long-term changes in your lifestyle.

Diet and Exercise after the Weight-loss Surgery


You need to follow a standard diet plan after a surgery that may vary from person to person.

  • You need to consume liquids and fluids (i.e. soup) during the first few days of surgery.
  • in the first four weeks, you should consume runny food (i.e. Yogurt)
  • from week four to week six, you need to consume tender food (i.e. mashed potato)
  • From week six onwards, you should progressively get back to a healthier diet.

Exercise routine:

The doctors may also give you a proper exercise plan after the surgery. Once you have completely recovered, you should move back to your normal routine. Your exercise should include swimming, cycling, gardening or housework, and brisk taking walks.

Ellipse Balloon

Unlike other surgeries, an ellipse balloon does not require any operation.  In this process, a swallowable tablet is used inside the stomach with the help of an x-ray. The balloon gets inflated once it reaches the belly. The Capsule balloon in the stomach gives a feeling of being complete earlier, which helps in lowering food intake, thereby attaining weight reduction.

The procedure of Ellipse Balloon

After a span of 4 months, the balloon mechanically deflates, without the need for the endoscopic procedure, and it is going out of the frame through natural excretion; hence, this process is secure and non-invasive when it comes to weight reduction and assisting you shed the ones extra pounds without the inconvenience of clinic admission or sedation or maybe endoscopy.

Analytics of Ellipse Balloon

Published data have shown that 99.9% of people reach swallowing the Ellipse Balloon. If you have a problem swallowing the capsule on your own, your healthcare expert can assist you by lightly stiffening the catheter with a thin cord. An Ellipse balloon gives you a variety of benefits, and the affected person can lose up to 15% weight and a considerable decrease in their blood pressure, fats, and cholesterol. Also, it does not take much time as other surgeries, and you can see the results instantly.