Why Don’t More People Go Into Vocational/Trade School?

Well, the title could be read and understood in two different manners. The first meaning directs our senses to find the reasons “why people don’t generally prefer going to trade schools,” and the other questions the negligence of those who neglect the opportunities that a trade school offers.

A trade school is also known as a technical training school.

It provides technical training to students who have completed their high school or have achieved its equivalent educational qualification. A technical training school embodies in its pupils the technical skills that hold importance for succeeding in a specific occupation or trade business.

Why More People Don’t Go To Trade Schools?

  • Parental Pressure

Parents keep pushing their children to university instead of vocational or technician training schools. ‘Capable Youngsters’ are often forced to University just based on them being good at studies. Most brilliant youngsters work to get post-secondary education from a regular four-year college, even if they are not interested in being there.

  • University As Conventionally Better

By convention, people often see Universities as the only institution for securing skills and better education. On the other hand, trade schools are usually looked down upon.  A common belief is that graduating from a Univerity is the only way to access a well-paying job. In reality, trade schools are very much capable of doing the same or even better. Just look at Justin Friend, who is believed to be the wealthiest welder in the world. In 2013 he was 22 years old, and his income was 140,000 dollars.

  • Going By The Majority

Since the majority prefers going to universities, you too follow the herd of sheep. Even though you may prove a brilliant student in a trade school, you quitted it just because you did not want to do something different.

Judging A Different Perspective 

Why don’t more people go to trade schools? They should!! It is so valuable!

  • Monetary Satisfaction Within Months

A Carpenter makes  $48,330 per year

An Ironworker makes  $53,650 per year

A Plumber makes  $55,160 per year

An Electrician makes  $56,180 per year

A Home Inspector makes $60,710 per year

A Dental Hygienist makes  $76,220 per year

An Elevator Mechanic Makes $84,990 per year

A Constructor makes  $95,260 per year

An Air Traffic Controller makes $122,990 per year

Why aren’t you joining trade school right away? You can take a 6 to 8-month course and start earning explicit money right away, instead of waiting four years to get their university degree!

  • High Demand For Trade

Technician training schools prepare you for jobs that provide excessive job security. The high demand for trade workers leads to relatively high wages that grow over time. The market is an ever-increasing one. For instance, the growth of the welding industry has been approximately 6% per year.

  • Saves Your Pockets

The syllabus is small in comparison to academic colleges. Thus, the time required to complete your course would be significantly less, comparatively half. So the cost of going to a trade school reduces sharply. You learn career-specific skills from the beginning of technician training offered in trade schools after completion, of which you get your desired job as an internship or externship.

What Are Different Programs That Trade Schools Offer

  • Welding 

The welding programs that welding schools offer provide insight into the advanced welding technologies and industries in the current world. They also imbibe in you the necessary skills that you need to enter successfully into the welding industry. These trade schools can make you an expert in:

Magnetic arc welding

Friction Welding

Explosive Welding


Laser Welding

Electron beam welding

  • Plumbing

Plumbers repair and install the pipe systems that are connected to machines, appliances, and water fixtures. Trade schools give you a profound knowledge of this industry and also help a lot in teaching all the necessary skills that a plumber must have to succeed in the current market.

  • Construction and masonry

According to Wikipedia.com, “Construction means the art and science to form objects or organizations.” Trade schools for construction teach you how to construct big buildings and houses successfully through their practical sessions.

  • Sterile processing technician

According to college.mayo.edu, “Central service technicians help prevent infection by sterilizing, cleaning, processing, assembling, storing, and distributing medical supplies.” If you achieve a sterile processing certification from a certified trade school, you have ready material proof of your skills and knowledge. It makes working in the industry way too easy.

  • Auto-technician

An auto technician analyzes a consumer’s vehicle for problems by test driving it and interacting with the vehicle using his specialized tools. This profession requires technical and advanced skills to succeed, which only an auto technician school could provide.

  • Manufacturing and automation

Manufacturing and automotive technicians are responsible for manufacturing and checking machinery, equipment, and parts using advanced technology. A manufacturing and automation school could prove the best booster in your career in the industry.


There are numerous reasons which are enough to drive you into a trade school, hands-on practical training, economically affordable programs, short-duration training courses, internships and externships, and many more benefits. It’s high time that you give your talents and skills an extra edge over others by graduating from such trade schools and thrive as a successful trade technician in the future.