Reasons Why Louvre House is Ideal for Your Louvre Roof System

Increasing the number of your living quarters is easy to fix a roofing extension.

Make the most out of your patio space by adding the right one. Convert your patios into extra living areas. To make that happen, look for outdoor extension solutions.

This includes louvre roof system options. A louvred roof—also known as an opening roof—is made up of horizontal slats that can be closed, angled, or opened to let in air and light.

Installing the system protects the area from rain, direct sun, and even noise—to some extent.

For modern louvres, you choose from several materials such as aluminum, wood, glass, and metal. If you’re ready to shop for options, here’s why Louvre House is a sound choice for you.


The company has been in the business for years, having started in 2002. That’s nearly two decades in the business.

With a company that’s been operating in the industry for that long, you know you can count on the firm to have the experience and expertise necessary to get the job done and done right.

Product Queue

The firm has plenty of options when it comes to louvre roofing systems. That’s ideal as it means you won’t have to worry about limited options getting in the way of you choosing what really works for your property.

Take your time browsing over roofing systems designed to withstand exposure to the outdoors, all while ensuring protection for your outdoor patio spaces and furniture.

Design Consultancy

If you need help in deciding which of the firm’s products meet the requirements of your property, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Make a call to the firm, and they’ll send over an experienced design consultant to your home. Expect the consultant to assess as well as to measure your outdoor area.

Production Manager

The design consultant coordinates with a production manager who typically provides the step-by-step instructions for the screens.

Not all companies offer this service, though, along with the design consultancy. You’ll need to check for these details beforehand.

When you talk to the design consultant or the production manager, though, be as concise and accurate as you can be.

Use references if you can. Pick out designs you like online and send those photos or screenshots to the design consultant to give the firm’s expert an idea of what you like.

That way, you know you’ll both be on the same page.


The firm also offers accessories that go great with your louvred roofing system. This might include LED downlights along with LED and RGB strip lighting.

Talk to the firm to have these add-ons custom-made to work with your Louvre roof system without a hitch. You can also go for speakers that demonstrate crystal clear sound and excellent resistance when exposed to outdoor climates.

You can even add a module that can control your sound system with ease through your smartphone or tablet. These products also come with a warranty, so you’re covered in case they incur damage much too soon.