Why We Need Water Purifiers And Importance Of Aquaguard service Delhi

Water purifiers are now part of everyone’s life, especially in the urban setting of cities like Delhi. Big and small cities of India are grappling with the problem of population and pollution. The civic amenities face the gravest challenge of catering to the residents of the cities like Delhi, where many localities suffer from shortages as well as poor quality of drinking water. In a city like Delhi, you must protect yourself and your family from getting ill due to the low-quality drinking water. The only available solution to the same is by using a water purifier. But they also need timely maintenance, so for a brand, say Aquaguard service Delhi offers is also very important.

What we see now are some of the most advanced solutions around water purification in Delhi. Thanks to science and technology, we have been able to miniaturize water purification plants to household-size water purifiers. The innovation is the same, but the size is small, which makes it more challenging. There are so many moving parts that a water purifier nowadays can boggle your mind. 

New Age Water Purifiers

Earlier it was just a small filter to stop suspended particles. But the new age RO-based water purifiers have reverse osmosis semi-permeable membrane-based filters, water softener units, carbon black cartridges, and external cotton-based filters. Some advanced kinds of water purifiers also have an ultraviolet unit that kills all the pathogens in the water making it almost hundred percent pure. All these miniaturized units together produce clean drinking water, which is of the highest quality and which is absolutely a must in a city like Delhi where you cannot rely on supply water for drinking purposes.

How To Decide Which RO-based Filter Is Best For You?

The next important thing is to make the correct decision of purchasing a water purifier. However, most of us in cities like Delhi stick to plain RO-based water purifiers. Some also purchase expensive ones. This differs from brand to brand; some have very high output but may give very low TDS, which for some is high. Based on the locality you live in Delhi, you can decide if your locality has a good quality supply. That you should take low TDS and compromise on the outcome. But if your locality in Delhi has a very poor quality of water supply. Then the quality of water should be paramount even though it reduces TDS to a very low limit. 

Aquaguard is one such brand where you will have all sorts of options available. And they have had their presence in Delhi for such a long time. They are one of the most known brands in Delhi and have a big network of retailers and dealers across the city. Aquaguard also has a great post-sales service record. For Aquaguard service Delhi has to offer you service centers across the city in all localities. So, all in all, it’s a good option to purchase if you are planning to buy one.

Aquaguard Service Delhi:-Why Servicing Is So Important?

The moment you zero in on the water purifier brand to purchase, you are in for a long haul with that brand. You will rely on their service centers and customer care for all your post-sales queries and requests. There will be regular maintenance and service visits happening from the service centers. Their service engineers will pay you a visit for timely servicing of your RO. They will also remind you about when to replace the parts of the purifier. 

The RO water purifier runs on filters that have limited age; after that, their output degrades, leading to low-quality drinking water. You must ask for a timely replacement of these parts if you live in Delhi. And You need to pay for these replacements if you are not part of their AMC Program. You will pay for the service engineer visits every time they come to your place in Delhi for servicing. In addition to it if some malfunction occurs or any electrical part is damaged. Then replacement of those will also come with a cost which you will have to bear.


If you are enrolled in their AMC program, then all the service visits are free. Most of the parts which need replacement, like RO membrane, water softener, external filters, are all covered under this AMC. Any electrical malfunction like the replacement of the circuit board or water pump is also covered. AMC, in a way, extends your warranty for a given period of time. You pay the lump sum amount upfront, and in return, you get all these services without any additional cost. So in the end, we can say that for staying in a city like Delhi. We must have an RO water purifier installed in our houses and also get it serviced timely for best results and health of our family.