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Windows during rainy days are the best places to relax with your favourite snack and drinks as well as an interesting novel. You can also catch a shooting star or if you are a photography enthusiast, perhaps click a timelapse.

See, windows are the best places in the house. But what if the windows don’t really go well with your house?  Windows are one of the permanent fixtures at home you would feel hesitant to renovate or change.

But if you find your window to have become old or finding it difficult to clean, then you need to look for a window that’s better not just in its condition but also in style.

Let’s see if different kinds of windows can help improve privacy at home.

Arch tops: An arch on top of the window is a clever way to increase the light to get in the house. Also, this brings out the elegance of the house. The arch look softens the room and gives an aesthetic appeal.

Coloured Frames:The exterior vinyl window frames come in a huge range of colours. By playing with the colours you can get one of the best and unique window frames.

Moreover, colours on the window frame can enhance the look of the home. Fun fact, vinyl doesn’t need much maintenance, also it’s energy efficient.

Window Walls: Imagine your house is facing an amazing view, you wouldn’t want to close it with a big wall and a small window to look through. Instead, you can transform a wall into a window wall.

You can sit down with your tea and cupcakes, have a chat with your friends, and just enjoy the view. You can get such a window wall even in your bathroom or kitchen.

French Doors: Patio doors have become ancient style when compared to French doors. These style of door can be also used as windows.

This design embraces indoor living and allows you to expand your living space if you have a garden or a lawn where you can entertain your guests. This design and style have become so popular that people started incorporating this into their garage and glass door refrigerators.

You still use a patio with sidelites: If you still prefer a patio door over French doors, maybe changing the design of the patio door would change the look of the house. Let’s say combining both window and patio door.

The narrow window attached to the patio door is usually called as sidelites, and when you use this with the door, it brings in more light and makes it brighter. These sidelites aren’t fixed like a wall, you can open it to bring in more fresh air.

Bow and Bay: If you wish to go against the flow of the tide and do something different to add architectural interest to the room, then this is the best option. This design or style of window will surely make the guests turn their heads.


A bow window is a series of the window that are joined together to form a curved window. Similarly, bay windows are a combination of three windows of varying width to create a curved angle that extends from the wall. The bay window will give you another place to sit and enjoy your cosy moment.

Instead of diving into the pros and cons of having a tinted window for your home, let’s talk about which material of windows would be best for your house?

  • Fiberglass: This is one of the most versatile materials used mainly in the automotive, construction, and furniture industries. This is easy to maintain, not surprisingly it’s better than vinyl and wood.
  • Wood: This material gets you closer to nature and gives the house an earthier and ethnic look. It makes the house look unique when wood is used in window making. Wood offers good insulating properties that are good for summer and winter weathers. The only downfall here is, it needs a lot of maintenance, painting, and staining. Also, it needs to be treated and protected from rot and moisture.
  • Vinyl: This works similarly to the vinyl fence and requires very little maintenance. It provides great insulation against hot and cold weathers, also you can find this window for a very reasonable price.

After knowing about the different materials used for windows, understanding which room needs what kind of window is equally important to avoid changing them later.

Living Room: While deciding on a window for living, you need to consider the amount of light you want to let in the room.

You obviously don’t want to be wearing sunglasses in your living room, but also have to make an important decision about the kind of window you want.

More importantly, the placement of the window is quite crucial before placing it. The window in the living room sets the tone of the house and changes the look of your house.

Adding colours or tone to the room, or if your house is near a beautiful view, then you can choose windows that will showcase the view or a simple modern look will be a great choice.

Kitchen Room: If you are a foodie and you love spending more time in the kitchen than in front of the screens, then choosing the right window is very important.

Kitchen windows

The focal point of your view in the kitchen is near the sink. Choosing sets of large windows or a combination of windows would be ideal. A horizontal sliding window is a popular choice for the kitchen window.

Bedroom: You need a space of quiet to become sane and prepare for the next day. You know a place where you can discover yourself. The sound control window is the best choice to get some concentration.

Also, you don’t need a window in your bedroom that closes you completely from the outside world. A window that can give you natural light yet the ambiance of the room is good.

Bathroom: Privacy or obscure glass are the options that you would want for your window. These types of windows provide privacy without having any window covers and will let in more light.


A window is one of the permanent structures you would not think of renovating or changing the style. But you do need a window that makes you feel good. With the above guide, hopefully, your goals will be achieved.

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