8 Zoom Presentation Tips And Tricks For Students

The pandemic of coronavirus has transformed the learning dynamics and since January 2020, more than 1 billion students are sitting at their homes practicing the online learning and virtual teaching. The sector of education has been hit massively due to the COVID-19 bounding the students and teachers

Are you also one of such students who have to sit in front of laptop or mobile whole day and have to take the online classes? 

Sounds relatable? Online classes could be boring sometimes, we understand!

Obviously one can get pretty bore while taking the formal online classes and these virtual sessions can become a big headache! Since the traditional classrooms and in-person teaching scenarios are absent due to the pandemic, this has become very difficult for the students to keep up with the tech-developing pace of education.


There are so many challenges in the online and virtual teaching scenarios. A lot of the teachers are still learning the tools for online education. From the electricity breakout to the unavailability of internet, the list of problems is quite long that students face during the online education!  

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The sector of education is rapidly incorporating the technology within the sector to serve the students with the best online-personalized learning experience.

The world would be witnessing the remote learning soon when the technology would be fully incorporated in the education sector, allowing the students to learn right from their homes! We are entering into the digital era where the technology would be driving all the sectors towards the revolution.

The students and teachers can understand this better how Zoom and Google Meet have changed their lives. Rising from millions to billions, Zoom video communication software has transformed the learning landscapes 180 degrees!

The professional infographics designer from sales presentation design online shared, from 300 million revenue generation in 2018 to 2.7 billion revenue generation in 2021, the video communication software solution of Zoom has been a game-changer for the teachers and the students.


Since after the pandemic, learning and teaching things have shifted towards the online solutions provided by Zoom. The online sessions at Zoom can be recorded as well and the students can learn from them even after the class has ended. With friendly-user interface and easy-to-use features, Zoom is widely used application software for online classes.

As Zoom is also available on Google’s play store and Apple store too, this has become easier for the students to attend their classes via their mobile phone and from anywhere!

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Everything in the online class is good until a teacher or the lecturer asks you to give a virtual presentation on Zoom! Isn’t is so relatable?

Well, here we have broken down 8 Zoom presentation tips and tricks that would help the students to give an effective and impressive presentation via Zoom. Consider these 8 tips to rock your virtual presentation like the real boss. What if you cannot own the room, get ready to own Zoom with your groundbreaking virtual presentation.

Perfect formatting is the key:

Expert slide designer emphasized on the perfect formatting of the slides. You should follow some rules like, the 7×7 powerpoint rule. The presentation that needs to be presented via Zoom must be written in perfect fonts and colors must be chosen appropriately. Ensure to check the presentation from the audience’s perspective and check that it must be readable digitally.

Share the slides and concepts separately:

Crafting a messy and unclean slides could annoy the audience and your teacher as well. Make sure to share each slide and each concept separately. There is no need to infuse a lot of the concepts in one single slide or it will become so messy and would not be able to read on mobile or PC. Keep in mind, audience will look at you the way you look at teachers.

Learn the functions and buttons of Zoom beforehand:

You must learn all the functions and buttons of Zoom beforehand. Make sure to check for each button and each option available on the screen before going for the presentation. Screen sharing and recording in Zoom is pretty easy and you would not have to give in a lot of time and efforts to learn the functionality of the software.

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Get your things tested before presentation:

This is a trick for the academic and professional both lives, make sure to check all your things of presentation before going on the screen. Also, check that you have kept all the necessary things like marker and pointer right with you so you won’t have to disturb the decorum of the online class.

Use the external microphone:

This one would become your personal favorite, we know! Using the external microphone would help to save you from different technical glitches and irrelevant pop-ups of the devices. The external microphone would also allow you to talk freely with your audience while presenting your slide. You can also use the Bluetooth AirPods.

Your camera position says a lot about you!

Before stepping into the presentation, make sure that your camera is placed at the very right position and audience would not feel annoyed with the lights and background. Checking all this beforehand is highly recommended to avoid the issues at the eleventh hour.

Professional environment and unchaining from chair:

First rule of giving a mind-blowing presentation is to standup and unchain yourself from your comfy chair. Place the camera on the right angle where your face would be visible enough with perfect light. Also, make sure to check that the background is pretty professional.

Grip on your message and presentation:

The Zoom presentation would go perfect with your confidence only! When it is the time to represent your speaking skills, you must take the stage on fire with the grip on your message. This will also help you to get the eyes of the teacher and he will instantly notice your efforts. Also, do not forget to dress professionally for the presentation!


With the help of this comprehensive and detailed guide, the students out there would be able to get some tips and tricks for their next virtual presentation. Make sure that you have incorporated all the above-shared tips smartly and efficiently while crafting your presentation for Zoom and you will surely win the ground!